Responsive, touch-friendly lightbox gallery Stack for RapidWeaver.

Box is a swipe-able, lightweight and fully responsive lightbox stack for RapidWeaver. Minimalistic in design and non distracting in approach, Box is a quick, easy and fancy free lightbox stack.

Responsive and touch-friendly

Box images fit and scale to any screen size and are touch-friendly swipe-able on any touch capable device. iOS, Android and Windows Phone compatible. On desktop, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even Internet Explorer. Phew.

Minimalistic by design

No unnecessary indicators, no navigation images that look blocky on Retina and a file size less than a few kb. Minimal and optimised. CSS was used for the animations and buttons and only things that add to the usability of the lightbox are included, not distracting from it. We’re all tired of magnifying glasses over images and rigid pop-ups.

Easy to setup within RapidWeaver

Drag in the stack. Add your thumbnails in the stack and large images to RapidWeaver resources. Everything is 100% width so just preset your intended size and boom. Publish. With space up to 48 images you’ll have plenty of room to play with.

Release Notes


  • Better compatibility with another Stack
  • New Feature – now Box galleries are self-contained. Now longer cycle through all images on a page if not the same style of Box


  • Fixed Retina version of Video Pop-up Box Stack now publishes correctly in RW5+
  • Better labelling of where to place Box Enabler Stack


  • Fixed warehousing images bug, now works correctly
  • Labelling for warehouse is better
  • Clearer lightbox edit layout


  • NEW Warehouse both the thumbs and the pop up images or just use the usual RapidWeaver resources and drop in method.
  • Added Option to switch the lightbox shadow on/off for a “flat” look.
  • Added Option to hide the close button – just click/touch off the image to close.
  • Added Option to hide the loading indicator for those wanting a minimal lightbox experience
  • Fixes Various bug fixes to make it more robust and easier to setup


  • Box thumbnails were not “truly” centre aligned in some themes, that is now fixed.


NEW – Video pop-up box can now also use YouTube embeds; as well as Vimeo