Realmac Software offers valuable solutions for businesses and users in the construction industry. We help users by building applications that eliminate manual bookkeeping and enables employees to perform record keeping using smart tags. Our solution addresses key issues related to data security, including breach response, cybersecurity, compliance and management. We believe that building an information infrastructure for tomorrow will help businesses become more productive in today’s global business environment by creating efficient systems to comply with the requirements of current regulations while providing real-time insights to monitor and respond to potential risks.

For employees to be able to work from home, your company will need to invest in cloud-based and mobile device-ready technology. Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, many companies have had to do so very quickly. Many project management companies have made it easy for teams to monitor projects, collaborate, analyze, and report results remotely, all from within one platform. In addition to project management software, there are many other technologies available to make remote work easier. Teams no longer need to be in the office to be able to remain productive. By investing in the right technologies, which are very affordable these days, teams can stay connected and easily get their work done from home. Technology enables teams to have work-life balance.

With agile methodology, the development is performed in sprints that usually last from 1 to 4 weeks. It means that the process is iterative, which speeds up the time-to-market. Before the development starts, we at provide you with a work breakdown structure and a critical path analysis. This helps pinpoint areas which require improvement and prioritize them according to their importance within the sprint. This process helps us determine which features need to be developed first.