Simple and responsive lightweight tab Stack for big information sites in RapidWeaver.

Pages with lots of content can be broken down with a tab navigation within any Stacks page in RapidWeaver. Set animation, cycle speed, colours and add up to 10 tabs per Tably Stack. Avoid long pages on mammoth information sites and keep things succinct and interactive with Tably.

Many uses

It’s very common to use tabs in a product page or ecommerce shop page. This could be to show information like product specifications, delivery options, product material information and so on. Another use of tabs is in dashboards, where users need a quick way to switch from one panel to the other. Or any information heavy website such as technical businesses, schools, government and online catalogues.

New Additional Toggle Stack Added

A second Stack called “Toggle” has been added to Tably. Drag in this Stack to your page and toggle between two states. Great for flipping pricing tables or selecting between two groups of items such as winter and summer collection. Add any of your favourite Stacks in here and flip away.

Easy to configure

Drop in Tably to your page and you immediately have a tab navigation to start adding in your favourite Stacks. Drop in images, text, video or your usual Stacks and populate Tably in no time at all. Change the colours of the tabs (hover, active, link) & text. And also set the default tab for page load, as well as whether it cycles, and the animation speed. Lots of options to get it rolling as you need.

More than one

Add more than one Tably Stack to each page and change their settings independently. So for those really heavy content sites, Tably has you covered. Also add up to 10 tabs per Tably Stack, depending on the width of your Theme. Time to get interactive.

Responsive and lightweight

Of course Tably is fully responsive and looks great on mobile and tablets too. It’s also IE7+ compatible just in case. Try it on your phone and see these tabs go horizontal baby. Tably Stack is also less than 35kb so don’t expect it to weigh down your finished pages.

Release Notes


  • Easier Edit Mode. It’s now much clearer when adding each Tab content.
  • Bug fix Animate speed option now the right way around
  • Make a Tably in a Tably!
  • Added Tab Margin now extended to up to 40px.


  • Settings for margin of Tabs added (previously just main content padding).
  • Option to switch on URL hashing. This allows direct URL linking to specific tabs.


*Toggle stack renamed so doesn’t clash with a previous Stack of the same name. Installation should now be smoother in the case of users with both “Toggle” Stacks.


NEW STACK ADDED -New additional Toggle Stack added – toggle between two states. Great for flipping pricing tables, going between summer or winter selections, or selecting between two groups of items. Add any of your favourite Stacks in here. –Added Padding controls for Tably main Stack –Bug fix Unordered list items now appear correctly in the text


Bug fixes to improve compatibility with more themes.


Initial release