The most popular RapidWeaver addon since 2009!

Stacks adds flexible, powerful, extensible layout to RapidWeaver®. Building pages is as easy as drag and drop. Choose from dozens of included elements or over 300 3rd party stacks available for download.

Flexible Layout

Stacks lets you build pages that flow text to the dimensions of a theme even if the theme has a variable width. You can build flowing columns, flexible rows, and tiles of images.

More Stacks

With 25 new built-in stacks and over 300 downloadable third-party stacks, the possibilities are endless.

Live Image Editing

Resize, rotate, and style full resolution images without leaving Stacks.

Searchable Libraries

Stacks 2 incorporates the the most customer-requested feature: a searchable library of stacks. You can easily search for and locate the exact stack you’re looking for.

Pros Welcome

Stacks builds layout with relative positioning from a simple two-div structure, the HTML is clean and valid. Pros can use Stacks to prototype difficult layout and add their own HTML to the mix.

Stacks API

You can build your own components for Stacks or even publish them for others to use. The Stacks API reference covers how to build and configure a stack and even build a custom UI right into the Stacks Info pane.

Release Notes

  • Fixes a performance issue with the Stacks library window on Mac OS X Yosemite